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“Now listen, how many times have I told you? I’m not going to have anal sex with you!” Lisa’s complaining again, “I want you to make love to me, not to use my body to satisfy your perverted needs! If you love me, show me some respect and stop asking me to be your sex toy!”

“Lisa, I love you … but I have my needs. Look, we’ve been married for two years, and you still think sucking my cock is dirty?! My needs are not perverted, every man loves dirty sex. I want to thrust my cock into your anus, I want to eat your pussy, suck your toes, I want you to call me master …”

“You want do all those sick things to me and you say you love me? I really regret marrying you now …” as she was going to slap me, we realized Nikki, her sister, was standing outside of the room.

“Sorry … I heard you guys screaming so I was going to … nevermind …” as Nikki walked away, I noticed her peeping at my cock, still rock hard because I didn’t get a chance to finish sex with my wife.

I actually knew Lisa through Nikki. Five years ago, I was Nikki’s tennis coach. One day, Lisa came pick her up, boy, I fell in love with this beautiful blonde in the first second. We started dating and got married after college. And now Nikki’s having her summer break after her freshman year in college, she came staying with me and her sister.

I was happy with my wife. She’s elegant, kind, smart, and most of all, splendidly beautiful. She has a pair of beautiful blue eyes and a beautiful body. Tall and sexy, I’m sure any man would want to do more to her than just fucking her pussy. But she never let me. She only wants me to “make love” to her, and the best thing she’s ever let me done to her was a blow job on my birthday and she didn’t even drink my cum. Surely, I’m frustrated. But I tell myself, I love my wife, so I have to keep the respect for her.

The next morning Lisa told me she’s leaving town for some sort of church retreat. She gave me a kiss at the door, “take good care of Nikki.” My cock went rock hard when Lisa kissed me with her beautiful lips, after all, I was in such a bad mood last night that I still haven’t cum yet. I decided to play some tennis with Nikki to get my mind off sex.

How different is Nikki from five years ago. She’s now in and out a mature woman. She’s different from her sister, shorter and not as womanly, but has a face that’s just as beautiful as Lisa’s. Seeing her in a tight top and tennis short really turned me on, and I had to keep reminding myself that I’m married and Nikki is Lisa’s sister.

I really can’t help. After tennis I went back to my room and start masturbating. This is not new to me. Lisa would often stop sex with me because I asked her for dirty things, and I had to jerk off to finish my need. But this time, instead of thinking of my wife, Nikki’s atheletic and sexy body wouldn’t get out of my mind.

“Oh, Nikki … Nikki …” I moaned as I was stroking my huge cock, and in a shock, the bedroom door opened and there stood Nikki in a bathrope.

“I thought I would come see if you’re okay, Sebatian, you didn’t look too happy today at tennis …” she said in a seductive tone, “I can’t believe my sister left you here to masturbate …”

I was stunned. Nikki has always been this sunshine girl who seemed so innocent, what is she doing now? “Nikki, I …”

She climbed on me and put her finger on top of my lips, “shhh … let me help you …” her soft little hand then began massaging my cock, “oh Sebetian, is my sister not fulfilling your needs? Let me help you with them …”

“Nikki, I can’t do this, I love your sister …”

The beautiful Nikki ignored me, took my huge cock into her mouth and began going back and forth. “Nikki, oh my god Nikki, please slow down, I’m going to cum …” I just haven’t had any thing other than a pussy for a long time, and the young and fresh and warm mouth of Nikki just brought me an unbelievable sense of horniness.

She stopped sucking, and began climbed up on top of me, massaging gently my cock. “Sebatian, I love you. I loved you the first second I saw you years ago. I knew my sister was more attractive than me, but now I’m a grown up woman. She then took off her bathrope, exposing her amazingly sexy body. She took my hands and put them one by one on her boobs.

“Oh my god Nikki, you’re so tender and sexy … but Nikki … Nikki …”

“I don’t mind you loving Lisa. Sebatian, I love you, and I just want you to be happy. You’re like a big brother to me from the first day. You’re gentle to me, protects me, and takes care of me. I love you, and I want to do things for you.” She said as her angelic face blushes.

I was still a bit shock, but Nikki’s 18 year old naked body was conquering my mind. “Nikki, do you know what we’re doing …” I tried to stay sane, but Nikki didn’t give me a chance to. She took my cock and put it into the lips of her pussy.

“Sebatian, take me. Didn’t you have a lot of needs? Take my body Sebatian. Lisa didn’t want it, but I do. Thrust your cock into my anus, suck my toes for as long as you want. Sebatian, whatever need you want, I’m here for you. I’ll call you master, let me be your sex toy, sex slave …”

I couldn’t help anymore, screw my wife. Nikki’s offering her body for me and I’m not going to pass on my opportunity. I took her young tender body around, and spread her beautiful tanned legs apart and began sucking her pussy. Nikki’s legs are so hairless and silky smooth, and her pussy is just the tastiest thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.

“ahhhh …” Nikki moaned, “Sebatian, master, it feels so good, let me serve you, come on and make me dirty. Use me, violate my virgin body … ah …”

Her words really turned me on. “Nikki, say it again Nikki!” I said as I climbed on top of her, and my horny cock at the opening of her cunt, ready to strike. “yes master, please use me, please take my virginity … AHHHHHHHHHHH …”

Nikki screamed as I thrusted my huge cock through her virgin pussy, so warm, so tight, and so juicy. “AHHHHHH …” she kept screaming with tears coming down her baby face, I hesitated for a second, but Nikki caught a breathe and said, “don’t stop Sebatian, don’t bother about my pain, you don’t have to respect me, I just want to let you do whatever you want to me …”

All those talks about respect and love Lisa gave me, I felt so humiliated suddenly. I didn’t even get to say dirty things to my wife, and here her young and sexy sister is letting me do whatever I want to her? I felt like I was in heaven.

I kept pushing through the tight pussy of Nikki, she was in so much pain that she was skretching my back and kicking her legs. She was tearing, “am I making you happy, master?”

“Yes, baby, yes, your pussy is so fuckin’ tight … I’m gonna cum …”

“Don’t, didn’t you have a lot of stuff you wanted to do?” Nikki said trying to catch her breathe, “Lisa always complained how disgusting it is that you want to have anal sex with her … use me, Sebatian, my anus is waiting to please you …”

Her words turned me so on, I pulled out and turned her over and put her in a doggy style. Nikki was sweating from the pain of being deflowered, “your sweat smells so good Nikki,” I said, and started licking her smooth and curvy back.

“I heard that sister would let you taste her body, you deserve better Sebatian, lick me, fuck me … AHHHHHH … yes, put your cock in me please … AHHHH …” I kept licking as I slipped my dick in her pussy again in doggy style. “tell me, am I better than my sister?”

“ah … yes, you’re much better Nikki … better than Lisa …” as much as I love Lisa, I was completely taken by Nikki by then. Her warm pussy wrapped around my cock, and I was holding very hard not to cum.

“You think I will ever be able to replace Lisa?”

Before today, I would never imagine someone else replacing Lisa, but that tight pussy around my cock is slowly changing my mind, “will you let me do anything to you, Nikki?”

“Tell me everything you want to do to me Sebatian? … OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH …”

Nikki screamed, without expecting my huge cock thrusting into her super tight anus. “I want you to be my slut, my sex toy, my sex slave, I want you to submit your body to me without concerns of your own pleasure …” I spoke everything I was never able to tell Lisa, and was going in and out of Nikki’s wounded anus harder and harder, “I want your body to be a container of my cum, I want to lock you up and torture you like you’re nothing. I want to unleash every last drop of my desire on your body. I want you to do everything with the intent to make me cum in you … ahhh …”

Nikki started milking my dick with her anus, “like this, master? I’ll be obidient, I’ll be your pet, I’ll be your slave, taste me, fuck me, eat me, humiliate me, torture me, use me, violate me … ahhhhhh … as long as you’re happy, I’ll do whatever for you because …”

I really couldn’t hold any longer. Nikki’s tight little ass was too tight, I began pulling in and out of it like crazy, and it was so much pain that my little slave could not speak anymore. I grabbed her tender and big boobs tight with my hands, and Nikki did everything to withstand my weight and my strong thrust into her asshole. Her body started to shake. She was crying out of pain as I began unloading my cum into her anus.

It was a hundred times better than cumming in my wife’s cunt. I pulled out after I finished, and turned Nikki around, I forced my cock into her mouth and shot my last load down her throat. Unlike Lisa, Nikki swallowed everything.

“I knew you would love me drinking your cum, Sebatian.”

“Yes I do,” as I hold tight Nikki’s sweating and still shaking body. I was relaxed, and satisfied.”Thanks Nikki … I really don’t know what to do for you …”

She cut me off by sweetly and passionately kissing me. “Didn’t I tell you? Don’t bother about me, you don’t have to respect me. I just wanted you to be happy. Before you shot your cum in me just now, I really wanted to say, I’ll do anything for you, because I love you.”

I was touched, and I don’t know if I enjoyed Nikki’s body more or her love. Whatever it was, I kissed her passionately. “you must be tired, baby.”

“Yeah, hug me, Sebatian, hug me and let me fall asleep in your arms. I need the rest so that when I wake up, I can be a good slave to you again.”

I think I know what love means now.

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