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Exploited College Girls – Marissa

Exploited College Girls seems to be pounding out new hot scenes almost every day now!  Marissa (May 24) didn’t know she’d be assfucked for most of today’s shoot. Here’s what happened, Jay asks Marissa if she’d ever done anal before to which she replies to the affirmative. Jay: “Did you like it?” Marissa:”Yeah.” Jay: “I think I’m gonna fuck you in the ass today.” Marissa: “Okay, sounds good.” And that’s that. It’s settled, it’s ass day for the most part. Before that we watch Marissa clean her pussy with a douche and listen to her divulge her personal details to us. Like the fact that she has a boyfriend – who knows that she’s here today and apparently it’s cool with him.
And unfortunatley for her bunghole, it’s gonna be Jay’s big cock that gets the honor. He doesn’t just shove it in her ass right away of course, there’s some very intense warmup with a vibrator and the big glass dildo first. Her pussy needs some lovin’ too. Jay fucks Marissa pretty hard, slaps her tits around and shows her this isn’t some silly love making game with her boyfriend.

After that her ass gets more and more of the attention. Anal is awesome when the girl is into it. And Marissa loves getting assfucked. I can’t tell she actually orgasms during anal (she does for sure with the toys) but she’s not exactly complaining, and her pussy is soaking wet. She gets assfucked on her back, while she’s on all fours, and even when she’s on top. Jay fucks her for a while the old fashion way and then tells her to put his cock in her ass. She does as she’s told. Marissa rides Jay with his cock in her ass until he unloads his cum in her. A mess of sperm and lube flows back out and Marissa stumbles to the shower. She walks funny at that point, if you get my drift. At that point you can literally see the reality sink in on her face that this was way more than she bargained for, and her BF probably wouldn’t approve of his honey getting assfucked by a stranger. Too late, the deed is done.
Marissa’s video is an excellent addition for your anal collection. A normal, every day college girl doing anal.

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