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Run Time: 40:30
Actions: Double Penetration, Big Tits, Toys – Anal, Anal Sex, Choking, Rough Sex, Deep Throating, Cumshot – Tits

This girl likes her sex!

At the begining she teases and pleases us by playing with her ass and talking to the camera. The camera guy shows us her ass and chokes her a bit. she gets her mammaries out which look pretty good.

At about 5:30 you get to see her nice pussy as she is beding over taking off her pink panties. The camera guy fingers her asshole whilst she plays with her pussy and then he puts his fingers in her mouth and chokes her a bit more. Then comes on the famous blue dildo which the camera guy shoves in her ass and she continues rubbing her pussy.

11:43 the first cock comes on and he sticks it in her mouth. Deep throating she gags on the cock and then another one comes on. Lots of oral sex with FOUR different boys for the next ~7 minutes.

19:00 We finally get to see her pussy get fucked. As she is getting pussy fucked she gets a cock stuck in her mouth, and another one in her hand. Her pussy looks so good at this point. She also gets choked a bit here too.

20:35 a cock in the ass finally! It is totally amazing, looking at her with 4 guys, freshly fucked pussy and a colossal fat cock in the ass, sucking others off. mammaries bouncing up and down. Pretty fast anal sex here as she takes it balls deep.

From now on it is amazing anal/pussy/oral sex for the next ~10 minutes. Deep throating, rough sex. It is amazing. Until 30:49 that is. She gets a good DP. 31:15 she gets a cock in the mouth. One in every hole! This is just a great scene she gets no rest just amazing fucking! She gets deep throated, deep anal and deep vaginal. You must watch this part.

37:21 comes the cumshot on her tits. One of the guy tit fuckes her and lets off a colossal load onto her nice breasts. the other 3 boys soon follow cumming all over her tittys. She then fondles her sperm covered mammaries and say bye to the camera and the video is finished!


Conclusion: This is a great video. Just join TamedTeens now to watch this! 4 penises and one girl. All types of sex. Brilliant. could have done with showing us a clear gape as they weren’t really facing the camera. But other than that it is defo worth watching.


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