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Jenni Morrison (wow!) in a great anal scene

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In this movie we can see the blonde stunning bombshell Jenni Morrison. She tugs aside her underwear so her bald and tight mouse can introduce herself. Very soon she is masturbating. He then jabs his cock in and out of her arsehole, fucking her good and hard. After a long and intensive buttfucking, her butthole becomes a big gaping hole. I like how she does a little grinding on the pecker as it drills her bottom and then we get some actual ass to mouth by Jenni. Good anal action here and the double-penetrations are fierce and energetic. Great open mouth pop too which she does a fantastic job showing off before swallowing.

Freshly Fucked 2 review by bono:

This next scene has a nice start as Jenni does a short crawl up some carpeted stairs arriving at Michael Stefano who does the hand caress over her nice ass before letting his cock out to play. Jenni does well lowering her face down and engulfing his stiffy. Not a long bj but they make up for it somewhat with the first position, cowgirl, and wow this girl does have a nice bottom to oggle and John Strong lets the camera do just that along with a few playful ass slaps from Mr. Stefano. Jenni hops off to clean her pussy juices off then it’s a turn around to reverse and the cock has a new residence too, inside her ass. Michael does some good boob fondling and John gives us a nice floor shot too which shows off those tits as they do their thing rotating all around. Staying inside her ass Michael slowly turns her to spoon but the pumping never really stops only slows down so he can kiss around her neck. Michael then decides it’s time to get a taste of her pussy so he buries his face deep in that juicy kittie and this obviously pleases Jenni judging by her breathy moans. We then get Miss Morrison led downstairs where I suspect another cock awaits and sure enough we have John Strong sitting naked on a couch. Jenni doesn’t seemed fazed at all having a seat and enveloping his cock and we’re treated to a good upclose shot as his cock fucks her mouth. Sexwise you have more anal in reverse as well a ssome dp’s in reverse and cowgirl. Jenni does A2M, then it’s on to doggie anal with some gaping shown and you can’t imagine they do a standing dp and finally the cum is shot into Jenni’s open mouth and she lets both men splooge before swallowing the cum down. I’d say this was the best scene so far with the hottest girl and the best bod though there is some difficulty swallowing the cum.

Dew’s review:

Over this scene I wish I can just sit and relax, maybe I’ll do it, she is so fucking hot, nice tits, great ass, very pretty face and she gets all dirty being fuck like a nasty lover, she handle the two studs very well, and when in doggy, she shows her gaping abilities, sweet Darling!, from there she does a bit missionary, then is lifted in the air to be DP’ed there, she goes down to receive both protein shakes, that she almost throw up, few moments till she recover and then she smiles, is all right Babe…

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