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Realcouples – Emma and Fevrd

As far as Emma is concerned, there was a bit of history behind todays shoot leading up to this day. This was nearly one of them shoots I didn’t get if it wasn’t for her partner Fevrd. You see, I tried to work with Emma twice before with her previous partner, a guy called Dave when they lived down Southampton. The first weeken I tried to shoot them about a year ago endied up with Dave struggling to maintain wood. Putting it down to nerves, I spent a bit of time doing the meet and greet thing and came back the following weekend, where Dave performed a lot better and just when I thought I had a shoot in the bag, Dave couldn’t do a cum shot and this was one of those rare occasions where I lost my temper- I don’t do that often in ths biz I can tell you but I gave up big time when Emma was giving him an enthusiastic blowjob that I was getting a stiffy! I felt like saying to him “Ere mate, d’ya wanna borrow mine to get the job done?” But this was never going to happen, mine is several shades darker than Daves and there’s no way of making it look convincing because my cocks bigger! Har-har (jokes) wheres ya sense of humour? Anyway, I got angry at Dave for falling asleep and called it a day. Dave was so out of it, he didn’t even retaliate or offer an explanation and that was the end of that. Fast forward a year later and Emma is now with Fevrd the best part of a year and I’m there to do a shoot with a woman who doesn’t show up and jokingly suggested they should step in for me and do the shoot. They both agreed so fast that I asked if they were waitng for me to ask. Its funny how these things turn out and we arranged for the shoot here on the 13th. Fans of the older man and young lady lover scenario will love this. Fevrd is not exactly new to this getting his willy out and doing all manner of rudeness with ladies on camera lark but on the day he was unusually nervous. He said he didn’t want to let me down but I think performing with your partner is sometimes harder than performing with a girl as a one off performance but he pulled it off quite well, pardon the pun.

Emma was done up in a black pvc skirt and stringy revealing top and thigh high boots, which Fevrd really likes. After watching her do a strip while sticking out her bum (she had no knickers on mind) Fevrd busied himself wanking to the spectacle of her on the pole and approached her whilst bent over and sank his tool to the hilt in her hairy pussy and began thrusting away turned on all the while about her wearing no knickers under her mini skirt. He stepped back and enacted a fantasy scenario as if she was a young lady on the street at a bus stop minding her own business as she walked around the pole acting coy then he ordered her to come over and bend over touching her toes and stuck his cock in for a few strokes before repeating the same procedure, the next time he got her to squat in front of him and suck his dick for awhile before acting out the same nice girl scenario of making herself look proper like a lady before getting her back to be a slut, pulling her skirt up and fucking her again.

They moved the shagging to the bench then on the futon where he stuck his cock in her arse, they continued this for several different positions before Emma ended up on her back with her pussy brought up in the air so Fevrd could jack off all over her pussy rounding off a pleasurable and imaginative shoot. As Emma said, third time lucky. I got you in the end for Real Couples is what I would say :-)

Look out for Fevrd Ruff Shag adventures coming soon from Wrist Action Entertainment…Yes, seriously.

Emma butt plugEmma with her finger in her butt

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