Exploited COllege Girls
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Actions: Big Tits, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Single, Ass to Mouth
Run Time: 27:58

Here we have the wonderful Sabrina again. The scene starts off with her in a set of underware, covering her amazing breasts. The cameraman the focus on these knockers as they are let loose to the world. After a while of general boob fondleing, she lies down on the sofa for my favourite part, she oils those knockers up! For me there isnt enough of oiled up ladies, but we can overlook that.
She then proceeds to masturbate with a lovely dildo, which makes you think ‘is this a solo scene?’ But after a few minutes of the toy, she sees the male cock and decides she wants that instead, a little bit of comedy which i think goes quite well.
Once the cock is in, the usual oral action starts, not a fan of the girl on her knees doing it, but when she leans over the guy as he is on the sofa, you get an amazing view of her arse and her wonderful pussy.
Then we move onto the fucking, straight in her pussy, then moves along to her arse whilst in the same posistion which is great. However, when the decide to change posistion, she starts sucking the boys off again, which for me breaks up the shagging a bit too much and shouldn’t go on for as long as it does.
Then when they move posistion for some more anal, you once again get a great view of her arse and pussy, but at one point you see her face, and her expression kind of says ‘how much longer do i have to put up with this’. The camera then focuses on her knockers again which is a great move while she is getting fucked.
Once again a change of posisitions and another ATM bit, I do really love ATM, but i think it should stay in Asstraffic and tammed teens. On the plus side, it doesnt go on for as long this time which is much better than before.
She then bends over for her arse to get fucked good and hard which is fantasic view, but, not enough view of the breasts.
This secene ends much like the first one, a tit wank leadind onto the bloke cumming, this time in her mouth as oppossed to her knockers which then swallows, a great end to a great scene

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